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Our Why

Because we believe you were made to be healthy.

How do we help you?

We believe you live your life through your nervous system – it connects all your pieces together
inside you, if it’s broken, you will feel it.

Your spine protects your nervous system – therefore to care for your spine is to care for your life.

Who do we help?

Everyone: infants, kids, teens, adults and seniors.

We will try to help you fix the problems you have, and then (more importantly)
maintain your health going forward.

New Patients: Kids & TeensNew Patients

Our Team

Our team is amazing (if we do say so ourselves!)

Meet the Collins Chiropractic Team


Our chiropractic treatments for children
and infants are gentle, safe and effective.

Kids' Chiropractic Care


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"Elsa was 4 months old when she first came to
Dr. Collins. I was at my wits end with different diagnoses of Colic, reflux, gastro intestinal problems. She wouldn't eat or sleep and neither was anyone else. After speaking with (Dr. Aaron Collins) and seeing him (the next day) I was convinced. She was a different baby after the first visit!!!! It was amazing." Lorrie, Ian and Elsa
"Chiropractors don't heal people; people heal themselves. I'm just grateful to flip the switch that removes interference so we can stand back and watch what the body is capable of doing." dr. aaron collins


Let's get to the nuts and bolts... what is
scoliosis, exactly?

Learn more about Scoliosis
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