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Health care without side effects
Wellness without compromise

For a life beautifully lived

Burien, we are here for you.

What can chiropractic care do for you?
(beyond helping with your back)

Just like regular maintenance on a car, you need to take care of maintaining the alignment of your body. If your body is out of alignment, almost everything else in the body can be affected:

  • Your blood pressure
  • Your quality of sleep
  • Your ability to focus
  • Your energy levels
  • Your breathing
  • ... and your digestion.
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We See You

We don't like putting bandaids on you. We won't just patch you up for a few days
to watch you come back broken again.

We want to make you whole; strong. Take the first step to a stronger you today

Here is the Secret…
you were born to be

Yes, we sometimes forget
that pain is not a lifestyle.

To maintain your health, just like your car,
you need regular check-ups.

You need to put good fuel in,
and take yourself out for a spin.

Get inspired by our patients’ stories

"I love working here because
I get to see people's lives transformed for the better.
Our patients heal and realize what they were capable of doing... then they go and do it. It's so awesome." marina


We are Collins Chiropractic and we are here to help get you
and your whole family into tip-top shape.


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